I m 5’3 I have green eyes each one a different shade of green which I find intriguing to know which guys look at me hard enough to actually know that. And I’m a natural brunette but I keep it highlighted with blonde and shades of red

I’ve always been a Tennessee girl, born in Knoxville raised in Campbell County!! I was raised camping and fishing and hunting I’ve always been able to get dirty and on the other hand dress up and be a lady.. whether it be baiting my one hook or helping skin a deer to playing dress up even now I love to do all those things.. I’m 23 I Find myself striving and learning to be very independent and find myself seeking those qualities in a man.. some other qualitlies in a man I look for is maturity, honesty, and being funny I tend to be a little less funny as much as I try it just falls flat so a man who is is the sexiest thing to me…

Turn Ons: I love to have my feet played with (which I think is podophilia) just the sensation of the tongue and just a little bit of teeth is the most erotic arousing pleasure to me.. I also find myself loving to watch a man masturbate during or before sex.. I’m a giver I love giving pleasure I get just as turned on that way as to receiving the pleasure…

Turn Offs: would be a lazy man who doesn’t want to better himself or doesn’t want others to succeed. I would rather a man be more rugged than prissy or sensitive.

measurements: 32, 29, 36

shoe size is between a 7 1/2 to 8.